Gary Henrichs Memorial Award

Val Stickler

Washington Elementary School, Atlantic Community School District

Val’s application for this grant award of $600.00 is focused on helping to grow a School-Based Stress (SBSR) program in the Atlantic Community School District. The grant will allow 24 classrooms to continue in their SBSR program as well as provide continued professional development to staff. The SBSR program has a school-wide emotional check in first thing in the morning over the intercom where ALL students and teachers indicate on a number system how they are feeling emotionally as they begin the day. Additionally, morning mantra/affirmations along with “mood of the moment” are announced each day. Teachers are encouraged to
maintain check-ins with students throughout the day. The program was developed to be proactive to help decrease incidents of emotional outbursts due to anger, frustration, and other feelings that may affect student learning and behaviors.
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