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The Iowa School Counselor Association (ISCA) is dedicated to the development and support of the counseling community of Iowa, and in that spirit ISCA is starting a statewide mentoring program for school counselors who are new to the profession and for those who ahve been out of the profession for an extended period of time.

Our charge in this program is to support both the new/returning counselor and the mentor in creating a professional learning community. This program offers an opportunity for some of Iowa's most talented counselors to share their experiences and knowledge to enhance the counseling year for a new or returning counselor.

Become a Mentor

To become a mentor, email iowaschoolcounselors@gmail.com

Include the following categories of information, and a photo:

Grades Served:
School Size:
Areas of Interest:
Additional Information:

Board Mentors

Members of the ISCA Board are available as mentors to any counselor seeking advice or a friendly ear. Feel free to contact us at anytime.

Casey McMurray

Email: casey_mcmurray@bondurant.k12.ia.us
School/Location: Bondurant-Farrar High School, Bondurant
Grades Served: 9-12
School Size: 506
Certifications: M.S.E. in School Counseling, 5-12 School Counselor, 5-12 Comm/Theatre, 5-12 English
Areas of Interest: College & Career Readiness/Counseling

Aimee Hospodarsky
President Elect-Elect

School/Location: Carpenter & Shannon
Elementary School, Monticello
Grades Served: PreK-4
School Size: 425 students
Certifications: MS - School Counseling,
Drake University
Areas of Interest: Rural counseling,
animal-assisted therapy (I have a therapy dog),

Sandra Henning
VP - K-12

Email: shenning@agwsr.org
School/Location: AGWSR Community Schools
Grades Served: K-12
School Size: 600
Certifications: K-8 School Counselor; 5-12 School Counselor Certification
Areas of Interest: Leadership and Character Development, College and Career Readiness, Elementary Guidance Planning, Relationship Building

Sarah Majoros

VP -
Madison Elementary School, Des Moines
Grades Served:
School Size:
300 students (urban district)
Certifications: K-12 School Counseling, ASCA Bullying Prevention Specialist
Areas of Interest:
MTSS, behavior interventions, small group counseling
Additional Information:
RAMP 2010/2016 - If you have any questions regarding an ASCA Model Program or applying for RAMP, I would be happy to assist.

Theresa Kenser
VP -
Middle/Junior High
School/Location: Peet Junior High School,
Cedar Falls
Grades Served:
School Size:
573 students
Certifications: Secondary Spanish, Counseling
Areas of Interest:
Bilingual Counseling, Anti-Bullying
Additional Information:
NBPTS Candidate - I would love to share about this process or
assist any counselor who might be interested in achieving the National Board Certification.

Sandy Thomson
Membership Chair

Email: sthomso@charles-city.k12.ia.us
School/Location: Washington Elementary School, Charles City
Grades Served: K-2 counselor
School Size: 400 students
Certifications: K-12 School Counselor, Nurtured Heart Approach Certified Trainer
Areas of Interest: PBIS, Nurtured Heart Approach, Connecting with parents and families, Collaborating with communities, Play Therapy, Art Therapy


Non-Board Mentors

Shelley Klaas

Retired Professional School Counselor
Experience: Neil Armstrong Elementary
& Bettendorf High School, Bettendorf
K-12 Curriculum Team Leader, Bettendorf
Grades Served: K-12
School Size: 320 students (elementary)
Certifications:  Current Child/Family
Advocate; Trained Forensic Interviewer
for the Child Protection Response Center
in Davenport; National Board Certified
Counselor in School Counseling (elementary
through young adult); Certified Assistance
Dog Team through CARES, Inc.
Areas of Interest: Specialty work in child
 trauma/child maltreatment; Background in
therapy dog work in school settings; relationship
 building and motivation in educational settings; supporting counselors in becoming National Board Certified; supporting counselors participating in
the state and/or national SCOY process;
 supporting counselors in school and district leadership roles

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