Middle school was undoubtedly the most emotionally difficult time of my life. I constantly found myself a target for bullies due to my social awkwardness and love of academics. I was struggling badly, both socially and emotionally. The majority of school faculty was oblivious to my situation, but there there was one woman who saw my situation for what it truly was.

Mrs. Zarkos went above and beyond the expectations of a normal school counselor. She provided encouragement and understanding both in school and out of school. She helped me develop confidence at a time when I had virtually none. I firmly believe that her kindness and support during the critical maturing point of my middle school years is responsible for a large portion of my confidence and concept of self worth that I have today. Aside from how she help me personally, Mrs. Zarkos was an outstanding counselor, mentor, and friend to every student she worked with. She always smiled when she walked down the hall and said hello to students in a way that said “I see you, and you matter.” She treated every student equally and fairly, regardless of their past behavior. She definitely serves as a prime example of what not only a school  counselor, but every teacher, should be like.
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